10th Grade

Stay on track and explore your interests & dreams.


  • Meet academic requirements for college by taking "a-g" classes. 
    Find out more about these requirements on our "a-g" academic requirements page. Also, take any summer school needed to earn a C- or better in these classes.
  • Explore Career Options
    Visit our Career Exploration page to start looking at options. Also, summer is great for reading and thinking about what you’d like to do for a career after college. Think about interests and try volunteer opportunities to get an idea of possible careers.
  • Tour and experience college campuses
    Visit college websites and tour different college campuses.


  • Meet academic requirements for college by taking "a-g" classes.
    Revisit our "a-g" academic requirements page. Take classes that challenge you and aim for A’s and B’s. Focus on homework and develop good study skills. 
  • Earn a C- or better in an "a-g" classes.
    Ask a school counselor about Credit Recovery, or checkout the free "a-g" classes offered online to California public high school students through UC Scout. ucscout.org
  • Talk to a school counselor
    Meet with a school counselor to talk about exploring careers and majors. Visit our Career exploration page for a list of career search websites.
  • Attend college prep events
    Attend college and career fairs and information nights. Visit the 10th Grade workshops at the North Coast College and Career Expo, Sept 20, 2018, at Eureka High School. 


  • Explore Career Options
    Visit our Career Exploration page to start looking at options.
    Look for volunteer and internship opportunities for the summer that align with your interests. These are great for your scholarship applications! Keep updating your list of volunteer, extracurricular activities, and achievements.
  • Prepare for and take college exams (SAT/ACT/CAASPP)
    Consider taking the PSAT or PSAT 10Link your PSAT scores with a Khan Academy account for free personalized tutoring to help prepare for the SAT.
  • Fund your college dream
    Visit our Financial Aid page for resources and start talking with your family about ways to pay for college (financial aid, scholarships, grants, loans). 
  • Continue your college search
    Check out college campuses during spring break.