Major & Career Exploration

The best thing you can do as a middle and high school student to prepare for a career is to take school seriously. Do your homework, pay attention in class, and study for tests.

Some of you already know what you'd like to do after high school: be a welder or a doctor, a teacher or an accountant. Others have no idea--and that's okay! We are unified with the Humboldt County Office of Education to help you find something you LOVE, something you're GOOD AT, and something the WORLD NEEDS. If you do these three things, you will find not only a career, but a vocation.

Career Compass

Use the resources below to take career and personality assessments, learn about various fields, and explore career opportunities that could be the right fit for you. 

Major & Career Exploration Resources:

Humboldt Navigator
Humboldt County Office of Education provides a Navigator account to every student in grades 7-12. Navigator is a powerful tool for learning about yourself, exploring college and career options, and planning for your future.

California Colleges 
An all inclusive guide for college and career planning

California Career Zone
A simple, user-friendly format for self-assessment, job exploration, and understanding money and financial choices. 

IM Diversity Career Center
Where careers, opportunities, and diversity connect. A wonderful resource for minorities and Persons of Color in the workforce.

The College Board - Big Future
Find colleges, learn how to pay for your education, and make your plan. Hear stories from college students who weren't sure how they would pay for college, who changed their minds about what to study, and who missed home but ended up loving college.

Road Trip Nation 
Hear stories and advice on how to make it in different types of careers. 

Majors and Programs at Humboldt State
Learn about all the majors and programs available to you at Humboldt State. Click any major to get more detailed information!

Resources for Picking a Major
Visit HSU's Academic and Career Advising Center's website with many tools and guidance for helping you pick your major.

TEDxTalk: Why Some of Us Don't Have One True Calling
Do you have multiple interests? Having trouble declaring a major or deciding "what you want to be when you grow up"? This TEDx speaker can relate, and has some good ideas for you.